With the Plasticdelux frame collection we wanted to head off the beaten track, to rethink the laborious and complex manufacturing process.

Imagined by Xavier Derome and made in France, the Plasticdelux range has freed itself from traditional conventions and production methods.

Made from cellulose acetate, the frames are cut from the acetate and left with a raw finish.
Simplified to the extreme: 5 components – 1 front – 2 temples – 2 rivets.
A lighter frame for improved comfort.
Only contact zones with the skin are polished. There are no metal hinges, no screws.
The hinges are integrated into the frame front. This unique and singular characteristic identifies the collection.

Cut from pieces of acetate, a plastic made from 70% natural resources, is wood pulp and cotton (cellulose), tool marks are left rough for an organic finish similar to coloured wood.